Unless you are deeply transformed you can not understand
             true meaning of Happiness and Self-Realization

Workshops & Talks

The following are some of the various workshops this institute organizes.
  • IMED
  • Self-Defeating Karmic patterns
  • Energy Dynamics
  • Astral Connectivity
  • Cosmic Reality
  • Conscious Parenting
  • The Traps
  • 14 – 26
  • Age regression
  • Emotional therapy
  • Awaken Your Sub-Conscious Mind
  • Be YourSELF
  • Hara (Belly) Consciousness
  • The Tao of  Transformation
  • Breathwork & Re-Birthing
  • Spiritual(Transformational)Leadership for corporates
  • Creating Abundance ( Emotional,Financial,Spiritual )
  • What is Transformational Medicine ? 
  • - x - = +
  • Spiritualize your Pregnancy and Labor ( under water birthing )
  • Step away from the stress
  • Family well being
  • Dharma Chakra
Talks/Demos/ given apart from the workshops mentioned above are

  • Why Disease, Why Death ?...for CMSE - Pune in June 2010
  • Peace,but My way....? for the National Round Table Conference for the culture of Peace held at Pune ,an UNESCO chair event held on 2-3 Oct 2010
  • What You Don't Get to Learn in the name of Yoga ? for International Yoga Seminar @ Ujjain, MP on 29-31 Oct 2010
  • Gandhiji, Spirituality & Politics for the Pre-Parliament of World Parliament of Religions at Trivendrum, Kerala
  • Mental Health at workplace for the International Conference on Organisational Leadership at Pondicherry in aug, 2009
  • Anatomy of Energy Body at Indian Acupuncturists Association, Chennai
  • Spirituality and Education at 10th International Conference on Spirituality and Peace in Jan 2010 at Chennai
  • Leap into the Unknown at Enlightenment Summit held at Tiruvannamalai in April 2010
  • Science of Meditation at many places, 
  • What is Transformational Medicine ? at many places 
  • Science and Spirituality at many places
  • Vegetarianism on many times 
  • Be a Breather ! 
  • Recent trends in spirituality across the world at Oneness Conference , Hyderabad
  • Basic Principles of Art & Science of Meditation
  • Energy Breathing for total health & self-mastery at Global Conference on Mind Healing - a Myth or Reality @ Nagpur in Feb 2011
  • Harmony of the five elements for total wellbeing for CMSE-Pune in Mar 2011
  • Miracles & Mysteries in Spirituality 
  • Awakeining of Human Consciousness for Personal & Personnel Management at National Conference on India as an Emerging Super Power at DY Patil Institute o 26 Mar 2011
  • Harmony of the 5 elements for total well-being at CMSE-Pune 27 mar 2011
  • Wellness is Oneness within at 5th World Wellness Congress @ Chennai on 21-22 Mar 2011
  • The 5 Pillars of Sadhana
  • Traditional Wisdom in the Past, Present & Future at AP Forest Academy,2011
  • How to come out of the traps in the path of self-evolution
  • Awakening of Hara Consciousness for the Invisible to Invincible Summit, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Getting Connected to One's deeper self for the Radio Station of Iowa, USA

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