Unless you are deeply transformed you can not understand
             true meaning of Happiness and Self-Realization

Transformational Medicine

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Cure by Transformation

“Our thoughts, modern medical research has revealed, affect our bodies in much the same way as hormones. They can boost or diminish our immune systems, cause or cure disease, and change the delicate chemistry of the body in many complex ways.”--- Mark Golin

Most of us might have read the story of a little girl who gets admitted into a hospital for pneumonia during the autumn. She starts befriending with the ivy plant visible from her window sided bed. With the increasing fall of the leaves the girl starts imagining that her days on the earth are also coming to a close and as a sequel her symptoms started worsening day by day. The countable number of the leaves have fallen away to leave only a last leaf on the top of the ivy plant. The girl thinks that the fall of the last leaf will make her bed a death bed and started waiting for that moment. An intelligent painter who lives in the neighbourhood of the hospital understanding the impending calamity paints a leaf while the girl falls asleep. The girl wakes up to see the never falling leaf and gets restored to full health after a few days.

If we focus on the insights this marvelous story has offered we find that the power of the mind can be used to heal oneself and the body has an inherent ability to heal itself This unappreciated and untapped abilities of mind and the body forms the foundation stone for this system of medicine called the Transformational Medicine.

What is Transformational Medicine?

Transformational Medicine is a futuristic Newage science of medicine wherein the disease and suffering are converted into life transforming experiences giving a definitive prevention, care and cure to all physical, psychological and emotional ailments thus enhancing the overall wellbeing of the diseased. TM takes into consideration the effect of thoughts and emotions on the body and mind. Like a diseased person has some amount of psychological and emotional disturbance which inturn has the tendency to translate itself in the form of disease, the rectification of these disturbances leading to restoration of health forms the central theme of Transformational Medicine. TM focuses on the being aspect of the human and thus treating the patient as a person on the whole.

TM can function as a main stay of treatment to many chronic ailments and also work as an adjunct or a supplement to the recommended treatment of choice. TM needs to be integrated with all existing various modalities of treatment as the psychological and emotional bodies has an indivisible relationship with the physical strata.

In the present health scenario, Hospitals are becoming health sellers and the patients are behaving like health purchasers. Even the therapists of alternative healing systems and the therapeutic touch are ignoring the effect of attitudes and belief systems on health and happiness. Hence, a new nomenclature called Transformational Medicine (affecting the energy body via the electrical hormones --- thoughts and emotions) has been created to take care of the person in a precise holistic way by striking a harmonious balance between the body, mind and energy.

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