Unless you are deeply transformed you can not understand
             true meaning of Happiness and Self-Realization

Milestones of My Spiritual Transformation

   I donot remember clearly when i really started thinking about life and nature of consciousness, but as far i remember, when i was introduced to some prayer books related to Lord Hanuman and Shiva and Sun God , by my mother when was 8 year old in the year 1978...the story began.I became a big fan of Hanuman and he was my real hero. I truly believed that he comes to help whenever i needed him. I understood that whenever, i chant the name of Hanuman , i should do so with much reverence and the voice literally must emerge from inside of the lower abdomen...and this became a habit...whenever i want to think, contemplate, meditate, read a book i go to my lower abdomen. I met Hanuman several times and used to feel that he was my divine friend. My first conscious out-of-body experiences started during this period. Whenever i get the feel of subtle body, i used to be in it...sometimes even when the eyes were open. My most favorite experiences were watching the clouds from the verandah of my house in a supine position, when really what used to happen was watching my body from the clouds ...me sitting there. Oneday, in my sleep i fell down in a big well and was under water...when i started thinking in my subtle body about the absence of breath and and clearly came to conclusion that i was dead under water...then immediately hanuman came to my rescue...i could see him from below, only his knee caps...so huge was he on that occasion and he pulled me out and i found myself in my physical body all of a sudden...i haven't forgotten the knee caps and thinking that happened in my astral form, till date.

 Going through this marvellous period of this part of life in the 1982...major breakthru happened by way of my first experiments with Ouija board, which was introduced by my school teacher. Our first experiment went in the afternoon time during a break given in tution hour next door, when all the students around 20 in number assembled in my house when we invited the spirit to enter the coin, shutting down all the doors and windows closed ... thinking that the spirit which came cannot go out of the house without our permission. We had a detailed chat with that entity on that day and i was in total awe and surprise. And the experiments continued with many experiences with many masters, elementals ... more than 2000 sessions were either done, supervised or moderated by me. My first past life experince happened in this part of life.I happened to read a story related to appearance of crystals in the beaches of florida, i went into altered state of consciousness for alomost 24 hrs during which period i had continuous visions of my life a s a mayan when i was priest and a crystal technology expert many centuries back. Though , initially i didn't believe that it was my pastlife... the series of the recurrent dream type of experiences, more than 100 in number, made me understand after almost a decade latter that it was my past life. The funny thing was ... when i understood that it was my past life, the recurrence of this series suddenly stopped.
With Simultaneous experiments and experiences related to Astral Travel, Past Lives and Ouija sessions...about which i was not thoroughly convinced then and infact thought at the inception that they were only day dreaming or hallucinations. But as the time was passing by, i slowly realised the validity and veracity of these experiences.Then started my third phase of transformation i the year 1985 when i secured a seat in APRJC Nagarjunasagar, then most prestigious and the top most junior college in AP state. One interesting thing happened here. I was daydreaming and infact told one of my friends that i was getting vision that i was writing a letter in hindi ...mai ye kath jan bujhkar hindi me likh raha hoo...from  Nagarjunasagar to my parents before i received the letter of admission there. When i joined the college i wrote my first letter to my parents in hindi and i used same words which i was daydreaming.This 2 year period between 1985-87 i lived with some of the brilliant students who represented different districts of the state and my conviction of altered consciousness that happens spontaneously while reading books, while watching movies sometimes just by sitting alone grew more. I   understood the importance of staying focussed. 
The fourth turning point was in the year 1990 ,when i was a medical student in kurnool medical college, when i met Subash Patriji, the founder of pyramid spiritual societies, who gave wonderful exposure to meditation, spiritual literature and wise counsel for every spiritual query. I  thoroughly  was convinced with all my experiences i had since my childhood and a new set of experiences began which included kundalini flow, many past lives, third eye visions, premonition, overself contact etc. 
The inspiring bent was given by Mahavatar babaji in the year 1998 who narrated to me my immediate past life as a kriya yogi. It was a 2hr conversation with him which i can never forget.I never understood the feelings of jealousy, hatred and many other so called ill feelings till i entered my private surgical practice in the year 2000. Thanks to all the people and experiences which made me maintain my inherent child's attitude.  It was followed by My sixth phase of transformation in the year 2004 when Babaji told me to work on the concept of THE WORLD UNITED  to interact with all the enlightened/transformed beings of the world.It was started on 30 Nov 2007. Latter i came to know that Babaji's birthday is celebrated on this day. What a coincidence ! It was also authenticated by the Himalayan Masters whom i met in Dec 2007 and Jan 2008 in the uttarakhand part, where i was fortunate to meet Mouni Swami who has not been talking and sitting in absolute silence for more than 50 years.( he was a prince of kashmir , an educated person who was initiated by Deorah Baba , ? a physical immortal, this baba was the person who named Babu Rajendra prasad, the first president of free India when he was still  in his mother's womb. ...and the saga continued with me reducing my surgical practice to spend 3 wks a month for the activities of THE WORLD UNITED

I take this as an oppurtunity of Guru Poornima 2010 to thank my parents, all my friends, teachers and mentors who has influenced me in a positive way to become what i am right now.
Thank You Cosmos !
Thank You all the Masters !! once again
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