Unless you are deeply transformed you can not understand
             true meaning of Happiness and Self-Realization

Dr Yugandhar is an awakened one on the path of spiritual mastery, a visionary and also a Pioneer in Transformational Medicine. He has dedicated his life for the awakening of human consciousness, which he calls as spirituality. He is trained as a General Surgeon in the Conventional System of Medicine. His Experiments & Experiences in various segments of Spirituality and Metaphysics which include Astral Travel, ESP, Past Lives etc since his very childhood and an extensive study of various schools of spiritual thought across the world made him focused to educate and transform the mindsets as a part of Raising the Consciousness. His most favorite work is on Awakening the Hara (Belly) Consciousness.

He is passionate about inviting various masters unto to one platform as a part of unifying all the spiritual forces working across the planet.Under the guidance of Mahavatar Babaji, he founded THE WORLD UNITED for being a part of this era of integrity and unity consciousness. He is a Pioneer in bridging the mainstream medicine with Inner Transformation, Intuition and energy Medicine and thus formed TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDICINE under which banner he included and devised many methods actually causes Transformation of Mind and Life leading to Self-Realization thus putting an end to all diseases and suffering.
He conducted more than a thousand workshops on several subjects, during the past two decades, related to human transformation, like meditation, sub-conscious mind, stress, power of intent, nutrition, leadership & spirituality, astral connectivity, traps of life, emotional & spiritual intelligence, various topics related to holistic health & wellness, family well-being, parenting, birth traumas, energy dynamics, self-defeating karmic patterns, age regression, etc. His forthcoming books include (Transformational Medicine Vol. 1,2 & 3, The Traps, We are not walking Grave Yards, Chidren are not childish, but Adults are, Dharma Chakra, I.M.E.D, The Satorie, The five principles, The World United etc.).for more details please visit www.transformationalmedicineindia.com
He is a Board Member of New Age Doctors’ & Healers’ Association (NADA), an official body of all the doctors and the healers in India who practice and teach various alternate systems of medicine, meditation and other transformative methods. India’s 1st CMSE under the banner of NADA was initiated in the year 2007 and it is continued. For details please visit www.nadanet.org
He is also Secretary of The World United, connecting people through Personal & Planetary Evolution, which works on a principle that all the spiritual individuals and groups need to come unto common platform to accentuate the on-going Global Spiritualization Process. The World United has already organized many National &International Conferences, Enlightenment Summits, Spiritual Seminars, CMSE's, and workshops and is thoroughly geared up to conduct several events in future including the Very 1st World parliament on SPIRITUALITY to be held between 15-21 Dec 2012. For details please visit www.theworldunited.org . He is passionate about inviting various masters unto to one platform as a part of unifying all the spiritual forces working across the planet.

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